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December 2006

Holiday Party at the American Airpower Museum

Time for the Grab Bag gift exchange!

November 2006

World Series Contest

Some of the contest entries:

Contest Results

Adv Prop 1/72         1st  F2A-2 Buffalo        Fred Seitz
                      2nd  T-6 Harvard          Sal Picataggio
Int Jet 1/72          1st  Bofale               Tom Dalto
Adv Jet 1/72          1st  EA-6B                Rich Casetillo
                      2nd  Ho 229               Sal Picataggio
Int Prop 1/48         1st  P-47                 Tim Kelly
                      2nd  Wright Flyer         George Schuchman
Adv Prop 1/48         1st  Yak-1                Fred Seitz                              
                      2nd  Fw 190               Henning Seidel
Adv Prop 1/32         1st  F4F Wildcat          Fred Seitz
Adv Armor 1/72        1st  DUKW                 Howie Belkin
Int Armor 1/35        1st  Kettenkraft          Jim Boulukos
Adv Armor 1/35        1st  Marder II            Joe Yeager
Wheeled Armor 1/35    1st  77mm BAK             Steve Adreano
Int Ships             1st  Italian Battleship   Tom Dalton
Adv Ships             1st  U-Boat XXIII         Henning Seidel
                      2nd  LCVP/Higgins         Joe Yeager
Cars 1/24             1st  Porsche              Jim Boulukos
Space                 1st  Aries IV             Tom Dalton

October 2006

Slide show by John Musolino

September 2006

Quarterly Contest

Ships               1st  Tom Dalton     Battleship Roma
Small Scale Armor   1st  Howie Belkin   DUWK
Cars                1st  Howie Belkin   Good Humor
A/C 1 1/72          1st  Rich Caserma   EA6B
                    2nd  Ray O’Neill    XF15C-1
A/C 2 1/48          1st  Kyle Koppos    P-400
                    2nd  Tim Kelly      P-47D
A/C 3 1/32          1st  Fred Seitz     F4F
Armor Large Scale   1st  Ron Lamoste    Panther
                    2nd  Jim Boulukas   Kettenkraftrad
Armor Large Scale   1st  Steve Andreano 77 mm BAK Advanced
                    2nd  Joe  Yeager    Tiger I 

July 2006

Guests Bob Cuce and Bob DeMaio

Vietnam vet Bob Cuce gave a talk on his service as a gunner on gun trucks. Bob DeMaio, one time LISMS member, presented a custom model he built of Bob Cuce’s gun truck.

Guest Speakers Bob Cuce and Bob DeMaio:

Model of Bob Cuce's gun truck, built by Bob DeMaio:

June 2006

Quarterly Contest and Clinic by Bill Koppos

Some of the contest entries:

The judges at work:

Bill Koppos gives an informative and interesting clinic on weathering:

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